The Lizard King Shredder is Here!

Skateboarding is all about finding a way to do something new, or something old in a new way. In an era of copycats and one-uppers, Lizard King managed to carve out his own corner in skateboarding by doing the tricks he liked, where he liked, and all with his own signature style.

It is in that vein that we present the all-new Shredder low top. We’ve taken the traditional vulcanized skate shoe that we’ve all grown to love and adapted it to meet Lizard’s own tastes and needs. Shredder offers a classic, straightforward design updated to meet the demands of modern skateboarding. A long, clean vamp offers exceptional board flick while a canvas quarters provides ventilation and small rifts between the materials improve the lifespan of the shoe. A new, dual traction sole provides exceptional grip and board feel and a lightly padded interior of Drilex mesh aids in wicking away moisture and keeping your feet cool.

Hit up your local SUPRA Footwear retailer to grab a pair, or visit Supra's online store HERE.

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