We Are Blood Trailer #2 by Ty Evans / Brainfarm

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Skateboarding is one of the gnarliest things anyone can do. It takes years to learn, and the combination of difficulty, style, music, fashion, filming / photography is rarely found in anything else. There is very little luck involved. You don't just go attempt something hoping that maybe you'll make it. You've got to be pretty sure that all the years of fine tuning that coordination you've worked so hard to gain will come in to play when you try something gnarly.

You're not landing in snow or water, or even dirt... You're landing on concrete - and at many times the force of gravity. In other words, you're using your skills and determination to do something hardly anybody would attempt, to practically cheat death.

You're pushing yourself to make a trick for what may seem like no reason to the average person. To you, it's something you've trained for. It's something that you know you can do, but you've just got to push yourself a little farther and do it. Even if it's just for yourself.

The self confidence, balance, coordination, that you gain from Skateboarding is unmatched. You never see a skater do one of those exaggerated injuries that we see on televised sports all the time.

This shit is real.

We Are Blood Trailer #2 by Ty Evans and Brainfarm, narration by Paul Rodriguez.

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