Manny Santiago, Ronnie Creager, and Jordan Hoffart in El Salvador

El Salvador InFocus Supply Jordan Hoffart Manny Santiago Ronnie Creager Spanish Mike

This was one of the first times a team made the trek to El Salvador for a demo...

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Manny Santiago gets his tooth knocked out!

Diamond Park Manny Santiago Manny Slays All MSA Skateboarding Skatepark Tooth Video

Manny Santiago is known for pushing himself. Skating rails in the rain is a shining example of that. A waxed, metal, wet rail has got to be one of the slipperiest surfaces on the planet. Here's what happens when you miss locking in by half an inch. Kinda hard to watch for some people, so beware! Filmed at the Diamond Skate Park by Arnaldo Rosario and Micky Papa.

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Skate Spots App Update

Manny Santiago Sk8 Spots Skate Spots Skate Spots App

Skate Spots has updated their app to version 2.0, and it's now available on the App Store and Google Play. This app is the best! Download it now, check out some new spots and add your spots to help it grow!

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Manny Santiago's Favorite Rail Tricks. Peep it.

Manny Santiago Thrasher Magazine

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Manny Santiago's "Pound for Pound" part from Thrasher Magazine

Manny Santiago

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