Manny Santiago gets his tooth knocked out!

Diamond Park Manny Santiago Manny Slays All MSA Skateboarding Skatepark Tooth Video

Manny Santiago is known for pushing himself. Skating rails in the rain is a shining example of that. A waxed, metal, wet rail has got to be one of the slipperiest surfaces on the planet. Here's what happens when you miss locking in by half an inch. Kinda hard to watch for some people, so beware! Filmed at the Diamond Skate Park by Arnaldo Rosario and Micky Papa.

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The Lizard King Shredder is Here!

Skateboarding is all about finding a way to do something new, or something old in a new way. In an era of copycats and one-uppers, Lizard King managed to carve out his own corner in skateboarding by doing the tricks he liked, where he liked, and all with his own signature style. It is in that vein that we present the all-new Shredder low top. We’ve taken the traditional vulcanized skate shoe that we’ve all grown to love and adapted it to meet Lizard’s own tastes and needs. Shredder offers a classic, straightforward design updated to meet the demands of...

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Lizard King's new Supra Shoe Just Released!

Lizard King Lizard King Shoe Skateboarding Supra Footwear Video

The new Lizard King Shoe by Supra was just released. It's sick, and so is this insane trick Lizard does in this clip! Posted by Lizard King on Monday, July 13, 2015

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Lizard King at the Agenda Trade Show

Agenda Show Lizard King Ronnie Creager

Lizard King stopped by the Etcetera booth to hang out with Ronnie Creager for a bit at the Agenda Show in Long Beach this week. Check out some of the new High School Dropout new boards in the background.

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Jordan Hoffart and Mett Berger at Poods Park

Bones Jordan Hoffart Matt Berger Skateboarding Skatepark Video

Just might be Jordan Hoffart's last Poods Park sesh with his Bones Wheels fam Matt Berger before he moves up to LA LA land. Filmed with Death Lens.

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