Rodney Mullen is 49 today. Happy Birthday Rodney!

Ride Channel Rodney Mullen

Image via the Berrics.

It would be tough, if not impossible, to overstate Rodney Mullen's contributions to skateboarding. He brought the ollie to flatground and laid the groundwork for contemporary street skating by way of the kickflip, 360 flip, and pretty much every other flip trick you do today. The Florida won 33 of the 34 freestyle contests he entered over a 10-year span. He played a major role in creating the modern skateboard shape itself. And, alongside Steve Rocco, he changed the skate industry as a whole with World Industries and its affiliated brands—which grew into Dwindle, the distribution company behind Almost, Enjoi, Blind, Zero, and more.

Today Rodney is 49 years old. He's still skating, still innovating. So wish him a happy birthday. Skateboarding wouldn't be the same without him, as every one of these video parts proves.

Words by Lucas Wisenthal via Ride Channel 

The Bones Brigade Video Show (1984) 

 Future Primitive (1985)


Public Domain (1988) 


Rubbish Heap (1989) 


The Questionable Video (1992) 

Virtual Reality (1993)  

Second Hand Smoke (1994) 


Rodney Mullen vs. Daewon Song (1997) 

Rodney Mullen vs. Daewon Song: Round 2 (1999) 


Opinion (2001) 


Round Three (2004)  


United by Fate: Episode 3 (2007)

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