Etcetera Insoles | Technology Overview

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The most advanced insole in the industry. No Gimmicks.

A top quality custom molded Poly Urethane base,
Impact Support Gel throughout all key areas,
and an industry first - the Primo Pad™ which
protects the arch of the foot from unwanted impact.


The Footbed

A top quality custom molded Poly Urethane base is a must for any
high end insole. Each protection component below has it’s own cavity
to rest inside, leaving the bottom of the insole seemingly flat
for the best fit in your shoe.

The trim lines around the toe area allow you to trim it
perfectly to your shoe size.

Impact Support Gel | Forefoot

A unique Thermoplastic Elastomer that is set to the optimum density
for the perfect combination of impact absorption and rebound.

Grooves provide added flexibility along with increased air circulation.

Primo Pad™

A first in Skateboarding - Etcetera’s Primo Pad functions as
a barrier between your arch and the edge of your board - or any other
object that attemps to impact the arch of your foot.
Cut out arch bruises for good.

Impact Support Gel | Heel

A unique Thermoplastic Elastomer that is
set to the highest impact absorption density available.
The domed pattern assists in holding the insole secure
along with increasing airflow.

Say goodbye to heel bruises.